Creative Web Design

Let’s make your vision a reality

Our web design services can help rediscover your business’s image in the internet marketplace. The blending of style and technology we offer, in conjunction with our expertise enables your business to succeed on the web. KODE3 specializes in creating unique, high-end web designs and multimedia. Our talented staff is constantly striving to deliver products that exceed your expectations. Our goal is to make you stand out with style and be remembered.

Like anything in business, making a decision often comes down to the return on investment. If your goal is to generate more revenue, get more customers, or increase profit margins, KODE3’s approach to integrated marketing can get you there.


We take account of the needs and sensibilities of the website’s target audience


Use graphical elements appropriately to the demographic of the website’s target audience


We want to focus on complementing a business’ central message


We use unifying elements to reinforce the design throughout the site


Impart trust in the website and by association its owners with support


Web Design Focused on Achieving Your Business Goals

We specialize in:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

    We believe our clients should always have access to easily changing most of the content on their website. The right content management system can help give you and your staff control over content that needs to change on a regular basis. Manage everything from your Blog, News, Photos, and Videos easily without the need to know any computer language.

  • ECommerce

    Sell your products online with ecommerce solutions that fit your needs. Add products, update pricing and manage your content easily and effectively. Our ecommerce solutions can be integrated with Paypal or one of our payment processor partners to allow your company to easily take payments online. We offer integration with all the major shipping companies, including FEDEX, UPS and USPS. Contact us to find out more about our ecommerce solutions.



First, we do our research.

Our design team is skilled in User Experience(UX) research, and we have a long tack record of doing our homework. We don’t start designing until we completely understand the market and how a user will use the product we are designing for. We dive deep into user research by asking the right questions and understanding what the client needs. We believe in efficient, functional design–no shortcuts. We start by asking questions–A LOT of them. Then we look into what the competition looks like, and what the market norms are. Then we work on the Information Architecture in order to build a product that is functional, incredibly easy to use, and a pleasant experience for both the user and the client.

Second, we identify the brand.

We work with the client to establish a band identity, if needed. If the client already has a brand, we use it as a jumping off point for the rest of how the website should look and feel. We carefully choose images and colors based on brand identity, and build a mood board in order to make sure all images and colors align with the brand itself.


Next, we craft an incredible user experience.

We take all the research we have done and apply it in order to craft a website that is an excellent experience for the user. Depending on what kind of site the client needs, we build a site that will work for the client, and easily update it without any extra knowledge of HTML or CSS. We pride ourselves on websites that are navigable for the user and great for the client. We create piece by piece, starting with site maps to organize information, then user flows to optimize SEO, and wireframes to show the client what their site will look like, and how functional the site will be.

Then, we front-end develop the site for great SEO.

After we design, we develop! We customize your site to how it needs to be, making it fit for the client, users, and us. On top of a fully customized and custom-designed site, we optimize your site for online marketing through SEO and keywords. If the client wants to update the site, it’s no problem–they can do it without coding, through our great CMS tools. After the site goes live, we continue to support our clients by tracking data and continually updating the site as needed.