Four Reasons to Update Your Outdated Website

As an entrepreneur, you work around the clock to ensure your business is always on track to propel to the following level. One approach to reliably catch everyone’s eye is to refresh your website as often as possible. Consumers visit your website and quickly scan the first few items they see on your page. They need to pick up a … Read More

Customer Experience vs Customer Service

Customer experience (CX) is a term we’re hearing about a lot these days, and it’s clear that CX increasingly important to organizations around the globe, but what does it really mean? Customer experience feels like a buzzword that you could easily swap out for “customer service” or other more tangible concepts, but it’s actually much larger. According to the Harvard … Read More

5 Key Elements Every Small Business Website Should Have

A small business website is an affordable and effective way to expand your online reach and potential to market to prospects and customers. Yet it needs a few critical elements to make a positive impression. Incorporate these five important website elements into your site to build an online presence that brings customers directly to your business, no matter where they’re … Read More

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

For a startup company or a small business, having a blog is essential to building up an online presence. In fact, if your business doesn’t have a blog, then you are missing out on revenue opportunities. There are plenty of reasons to have a blog. One of the main reasons is to allow people to find you online and to … Read More

7 Reasons to Redesign Your Website Using WordPress

Your website serves as the digital storefront for your business. If it doesn’t look appealing, load quickly or even have a mobile version, customers are going to keep walking. Many small business owners rely on their website to bring in a steady stream of leads and educate potential customers on what they offer. However, when it comes to designing and … Read More

Have You Tested Your Website’s Mobile-Friendliness Score?

In June 2016, Google announced on the Google Small Business blog that they released a new landing page to test your website’s mobile-friendliness and page speed for desktop and mobile all in one place. This tool makes it easier for small businesses to test their sites, as opposed to going to the specific mobile-friendly testing tool and/or page speed testing … Read More

10 Website Fails Your Business Is Making

A website for your business is no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity. But, just because you invested in a website doesn’t mean that it’s effective in connecting with your customers and ultimately improving your sales. While there could be numerous reasons why your website isn’t effective, here are 10 of the most common explanations for website fails. This … Read More

4 Step Process to Creating a Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The goal of search engine optimization is to have the search engine spiders not only find your site and pages but also specifically rank the page relevance so that it appears at the top of the search engine results. The process of optimization is not a one-time process but requires maintenance, tuning, and continuous testing and monitoring. Below is a … Read More

The Importance of Responsive Web Design For Small Business

As more and more people use tablets and mobile devices to access the web, it’s crucial for small businesses to have a responsive web design. Customers want to visit a website and experience a page that appears to speak directly to their needs. And nothing says “we don’t want your business” like an improperly configured webpage. Internet and access to … Read More

5 Items to Not Go Cheap On When Building a Web Presence

By Barry Carter There are places where going cheap won’t have dire consequences. However, it is best to consider affordable alternatives when developing your web presence. We all love a bargain. As a business owner, there’s nothing wrong with trying to get the most value for your dollar. Those who can minimize unnecessary spending, are the ones who typically succeed … Read More